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30 September 2014

Melilea Healing Reaction

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According to the theory of 'natural remedy', when the body's healing ability starts functioning, your body will experience four stages of reconstruction, which is called 'healing reaction'.

Reaction Number 1:

Natural detoxification process will start to happen to your body. Human metabolism will be activated and the reactions are as follows:

i. Increase in mental alertness
ii. Boosting up your immune system
iii. Reduce the level of fatigue
iv. Change facial expression to become more energetic
v. Enhance the radiance of the skin
vi. Increase in libido
vii. For a short period of time, you will feel a little light-headed. This is due to the increased mental awareness which resulted you in less sleep. However, this will not make you tired or affect your natural body alertness.

Reaction Number 2: Period of Detoxification In Progress

According to the theory of natural remedy, the main cause of ailment is toxin. Today we eat and drink from uncontrollable sources. A lot of food contains herbal pesticides and chemical fertilizer. Inconsistent or irregular defacation process, continued mental stress and overdose of medication will make our body full of toxin.

These are the main source of chronic illnessess. Therefore to preserve health, we must destroy the toxin. The effort of 'detoxification' is crucial.

Reaction Number 3: Period of Temporary Aches

The body's aches may increase when the process of blood circulation is increased. During the process of detoxification, your body may experiences a little aches here and there. Not to worry, because this is a sign that shows that detoxification process is really happening and cleansing your body. The aches will fade and disappear in a short time.

Reaction Number 4: Period of Fatigue During Process of Cells' Re-Growth

Your body cells will re-grow and your emotion will experience a little distrubances. On this period, you may experience a little fatigue but don't worry. It won't last long, this is only temporary.

After the four steps have been passed through, you will feel yourself rejuvenated, healthier, face glowing and you look beautiful inside and out. 

Start living the organic way now. Start healing yourself naturally!

feel free to contact me at ciktulip.ungu@gmail.com and thanks for reading ^___^V

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